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About Legal Eagles Eye

Who we are?

Legal Eagle's Eye a renowned law practice firm in India has a team of specialists working out of its Gurgaon location.

We provide legal services to Fortune 500 organisations, top Indian corporations, banking and financial institutions, aviation and defence, food-pharma and healthcare, telecommunication media & technology, and real estate-construction-infrastructure projects.

About Legal Eagle's Eye - Statue Placed with Hammer on Table Handling the Balance

Since its founding, Legal Eagle's Eye has developed a strong reputation for its honesty, value-based proactive, pragmatic, and inventive legal advice as well as its capacity to successfully guide clients through India's complex legal and regulatory framework. On the strength of its skills, Legal Eagle's Eye has quickly expanded to a multidisciplinary team of attorneys who has the solution-focused mindset and a modern, inclusive vision.

We highly encourage a variety of thinking because we think it enables us to create powerful teams with a range of perspectives and suggestions to provide solutions that clients find valuable.

Our reputation, which we have worked so hard to establish, has allowed us to work on multiple ground-breaking partnerships with market-leading domestic and international companies.


The calibre of Legal Eagle's Eye attorneys is its greatest asset. Their extensiveness of experience, acute focus, and depth of specialisation are all integrated.

Legal Eagle's Eye has expertise in corporate laws, tax laws, financial laws, marital laws, labour laws, civil laws, criminal laws, IPR laws, cyber laws, IT Act, anti-dumping laws, and advisory and consultant services, these are just a few of the many service lines across which we take pride.


Legal Eagle’s Eye is devoted to excellence in the quality of its work and in meeting client expectations.

Legal Eagle’s Eye is committed to fairness and integrity

Legal Eagle’s Eye is dedicated to assisting its people in achieving their professional aspirations

Organizational Structure

We are recognised as the law firm that institutionalised and professionalized law firm ownership and management in India with a transparent and accountable management team. Our method of "one nation, one firm, one balance sheet" is exclusive to India.

What makes us unique

By placing a significant emphasis on mastering specialised procedures, we stay current with the changing environment in which our clients conduct business. Our attorneys work well together across practice areas and offices to assist our clients and get the best results.

Our Commitment

Exceptional Service from Litigation Attorneys

We are steadfastly committed to offering top-notch legal services with a distinctive and individualised approach infrequently observed in law office settings. We are able to provide you with the individualised service and attention you need. We will make sure that your interests are zealously pursued from the time you walk through the door until your case achieves a settlement or a verdict and beyond.

We practise what we preach

Our core values—exceed client expectations, act with integrity in all that we do, believe that "people matter," recognise that we can best serve our clients through teamwork and collaboration, and recognise that the beauty of our line of work is continuous learning—help Legal Eagle's Eye achieve its vision of being the best Indian law firm. We respect and value variety, we make an investment in our attorneys by providing concentrated ongoing legal education and training on business-related challenges.

Service Description