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Corporate Law

We are proud to offer a comprehensive corporate practice that is comprised of several specialist teams, each with deep expertise and a strong market reputation.

Business & Commercial Laws

Welcome to Legal eagle eye, a premier law firm providing expert advice and guidance to domestic and foreign companies on all aspects of Business & Commercial laws.

Country entry specialist

Welcome to Legal eagle eye, a law firm specializing in Country Entry services. Our team of experienced lawyers has helped numerous clients navigate the complex process of entering new markets

Matrimonial Disputes and Child Custody

Finding a good divorce lawyer in Gurgaon is not easy. As we know, many married couples struggle to lead their life with their spouse...

Corporate Litigation

Gurgaon is a corporate hub. Corporate giants to small scale companies have their presence in the cyber city of Gurgaon. Both of these corporations generally find themself in corporate legal tussles...

Criminal Litigation and Bail

Everyone who deals with criminal lawyer is not a criminal. Manytimes, knowingly or unknowingly people find themself tangled in criminal cases...

Property Matters

We are a dedicated law firm specializing in Property Matters, providing comprehensive legal solutions for all your real estate needs...

Labour and Employment laws

Legal Eagles Eye is a highly experienced and specialized team to advise clients on employment laws...

Competition Law

We specialize in Competition Laws, providing comprehensive legal solutions. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in competition laws...

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property or 'IP' is a broad term that is used to describe the results of creative and innovative endeavors. It is described as 'intellectual' because it is the result of the application of the mind.

Majvs and foreign collaboration

We Legal eagle eyes are one of the best lawyer in Majvs (Merger, Acquisition, Joint Venture, and Strategic Alliance) and Foreign Collaboration matters.

Aviation & Defense

Legal Eagles Eye has been advising clients in defense related projects with the Ministry of Defense, Government of India for technology transfer, supply of aircrafts...

Environmental Law

Legal Eagles Eye offers commercially viable solutions and strategies to tackle existing legal issues involved in compliance with environmental law..