Conjugal Rights in India: A Guide for Filing and Legal Procedures

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Conjugal rights are a legal concept related primarily to marriage, which obligates spouses to live together, providing each other with companionship and support. In India, these rights are especially delineated within the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, under Section 9, which allows an aggrieved spouse to file for restitution of conjugal rights if the other spouse has withdrawn from their society without a reasonable excuse.

Who Can File for Restitution of Conjugal Rights?

Any married individual whose spouse has left without a valid reason can file for restitution of conjugal rights. This legal remedy is available under the assumption that there was no justified reason for the departure.

Where to File?

Petitions for restitution of conjugal rights should be filed in the district court within the jurisdiction where:

●    The marriage was performed,
●    The spouses last lived together, or
●    Either spouse currently resides.

Conditions for Filing

For a successful claim, the following conditions must be met:

1.    The spouses are not living together.
2.    The withdrawal by one spouse is without any reasonable grounds.

Grounds for Rejection of Petition

A petition can be dismissed if:
●    The respondent has valid reasons for withdrawal that can be legally substantiated,
●    The petitioner admits to any matrimonial misconduct, or
●    The behaviour of the petitioner makes it unreasonable for the respondent to live together.

Legal Consequences and Further Steps

If the decree for restitution is granted and the respondent still refuses to comply, the court may enforce it by attaching the respondent's property. Should the decree not be complied with for over a year, it could serve as grounds for divorce. Additionally, the aggrieved party has the right to challenge the decree in a higher court if dissatisfied with the decision.

During the Process

During the legal proceedings, the wife can still claim maintenance under Section 25 of the Hindu Marriage Act, which provides financial support during and after the litigation process.

Consultation and Legal Services in Gurgaon

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