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Cases of domestic violence are common across the world. Situation is severe enough that females from different classes face violence within the premises of their house.  Unfortunately, domestic violence, often faced in silence. Initially, it was covered only through divorce law or criminal courts. The absence of immediate relief measures left victims vulnerable. Recognizing this gap, the Indian Government and judiciary introduced the Domestic Violence Act in 2005, offering protection and legal support to those suffering from domestic abuse.

Domestic Violence Act 2005

Prior to 2005, domestic violence victims had limited recourse. Relationships outside the Marriage Act, like live-in partnerships, weren't protected. It was forcing many women to endure abuse silently. The Domestic Violence Act 2005 changed this situation forever. It extended rights and immediate support to those women who are in need, regardless of their marital status.

Who Benefits from the Domestic Violence Act?

Women and children are at the heart of this act. It allows complaints against any 'respondent' in a domestic relationship, covering a broad spectrum of relations, not just spouses.

Defining the 'Respondent'

The act identifies the 'respondent' as an adult male member in a domestic relationship with the victim. This encompasses a range of familial roles, not just the husband.

Understanding Domestic Violence Under the Law

Section 3 of the act defines domestic violence broadly, encompassing physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, psychological, and economic abuse by anyone in a domestic relationship with the victim.

Impact of the Domestic Violence Act 2005

●    Ending Silent Suffering: The act empowers victims, preventing intimidation and ensuring they aren't cut off from resources or evicted during legal proceedings.
●    Securing Shelter: It upholds the right of a wife to cohabit with her partner, even amidst disputes.
●    Providing Alternative Accommodation: Victims left homeless by domestic violence are guaranteed alternative housing, financially supported by the abuser.

How Legal Eagles Eye Can Help Victims o Domestic Violence 

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